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Apr 11, 2018

Jerrod, Robert, and Garth discuss all elk hunts available in Nevada. Learn more about early archery, muzzleloader, and late rifle season hunting opportunities in units 061,071; 062-068; 072-074; 076,077,079,081; 078,105,107,109; 104, 108, 121; 108, 131-132; 111-115; 161-164, 171-173; 221-223; and 231. Resident-only units 051; 065; 091; and 241-242 are also discussed. Garth, Robert, and Jerrod all have boots-on-the-ground experience hunting elk in Nevada and will be able to help you understand which units you should be looking at in the draw.

Find out if the Nevada draw is for you and how to tailor your elk application to help your draw odds. Don't forget to apply by the deadline of April 16th! Find out more at